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We’re a Calgary employment law firm that focuses on employee rights. With Cashion Legal, you’re working with professionals who are committed to finding the best possible outcome for your unique situation.


We care about our clients.

We know that facing any type of workplace issue is difficult, so we offer professional guidance with empathy and compassion.


We bring clarity to the unknown.

We know that workplace issues are full of uncertainty, so we bring clarity to your situation, options, and costs whenever possible.


We believe in employee rights.

 All individuals deserve fairness, respect, and dignity in the workplace, so we advocate for you and seek a fair outcome for your situation.

Who we are

We work with the belief that employees should be empowered to take the next step with helpful guidance and expertise at their side. Our team is made up of employment lawyers who specialize in all aspects of workplace law, with experience in trials, appeals, mediations, arbitrations and settling cases. 

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What makes us unique

There are a few things that set us apart from other lawyers.

  • We serve all employees: We believe all employees, regardless of title, deserve to have access to legal expertise when they’re faced with unfair treatment in the workplace.

  • We offer flat-fee pricing: We want to remove as much uncertainty as possible for our clients so, for some of our services, we’ll quote upfront and stick to it.

  • We’re easy to work with: We think lawyers should be personable and easy to understand, so we focus on translating legal jargon and making things simple.

  • We educate on employment law: We care about equipping everyone with knowledge of their rights in the workplace, so we make information and resources accessible. 

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