Samantha Robinson


Samantha Robinson is the Manager at Cashion Legal, where she is the initial contact for Albertans seeking guidance on employment law matters. With a robust background in business management and legal administration, Samantha makes your initial steps to getting legal advice, simple and relaxed. Overseeing the firm’s day-to-day operations to maintain high standards of service, Samantha’s dedication to client care makes her our reliable point of contact for all initial inquiries. Chat with her today about whether or not Cashion Legal is the right fit for you, and how we can assist you.

Samantha Alt


Although Samantha is not a lawyer and does not provide legal advice, she does have a decade of experience in the legal profession and her client care is unmatched. In addition to managing the firm’s operations, Samantha plays a crucial role Cashion Legal’s client experience. Our clients consistently praise Samantha for her empathy and dedication.


Samantha as been focused on employment law since 2017. Her professional experience owning and managing successful businesses, years in sales, marketing and customer service roles and a decade of experience in the legal profession, makes her your go to person when trying to figure out if Cashion Legal is the right fit for you.


Samantha handles Cashion Legal’s management and business development. Her creative problem solving and positivity make her the go to person when uncertain how to proceed.

Get to know Samantha

Samantha moved to Calgary, AB in 2014 from England in search of better opportunities and adventures. When not in the office, Samantha can be found teaching women’s self-defence here in Calgary, training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or focused on her creative photography.

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