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Dealing with estate disputes can be among the most stressful and overwhelming periods in someone’s life. Years of tension and frustration between family members can result in extended legal disputes.

Undue Influence

In circumstances where a will reflects the wishes of someone else due to excessive pressure, the will can be set aside by reason of undue influence.

Testamentary Capacity

Testamentary capacity refers to the testator’s ability to understand what they are doing to make a will.

Support Claims

Alberta law recognizes that certain dependants are entitled to maintenance and support when a person dies

Passing Accounts

In Alberta, a personal representative of an estate must comply with the Rules regarding accounting for the personal representative’s administration of the estate.

Compensation For Personal Representatives

Personal representatives may receive fair and reasonable compensation for their responsibility in administering an estate.

Removal Of Personal Representative

The court has an inherent jurisdiction to remove and replace a personal representative when appropriate and discretionary.

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Dealing with estate disputes can be a stressful and overwhelming period for families. Our knowledgeable legal team help make the process fair and amicable.