Passing Accounts Lawyers

What is a passing of accounts?

In Alberta, a personal representative of an estate must comply with the Rules regarding accounting for the personal representative’s administration of the estate. This includes the requirement to give an account of the administration of the estate every 2 years after the date of death or the date of the end of the latest period for which an accounting is given.

An accounting of the estate includes an inventory of the estate’s property and debts, a statement of all property and money received and distributed from the estate, a statement of all expenses incurred or paid from the estate, a distribution schedule, and a proposed compensation schedule for the personal representative showing the basis on which it is calculated and its allocation to income or capital.

What is the purpose of passing accounts?

On the passing of accounts, the Court aims to determine whether the executor has exercised his or her duties under the will properly and in accordance with the law.

An executor has a duty to keep careful and accurate accounts. They should be self-explanatory and simple to follow. Failure to maintain proper accounts is a breach of the personal representative’s duty to the estate and to the beneficiaries.

Any party interest in the estate has a right to a strict examination of the executor’s accounts.

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