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We work with employees at all levels, from frontline staff to top executives.

Our Process

While every situation is different, we approach every client with the same key principals that help us work toward the best possible outcome for each specific case.


Our focus starts with you. Every employment issue is unique, so guiding you through your situation requires a solid understanding of the problems you are facing and your ideal outcome.


Once your circumstances are understood, we employ our vast legal knowledge and sharp analytical skills to chart a path towards the best possible outcome.


All individuals deserve fairness, respect, and dignity in the workplace, so we advocate for you and seek a fair outcome for your situation.

Our services

We offer a number of specific services pertaining to a variety of practice areas that fall under employment law. Here are some of those services:

Severance Package Review

Severance packages are designed to provide financial and other benefits to employees who are being terminated or laid off. By reviewing your severance package, you can gain a clear understanding of what you are entitled to receive.

Constructive Dismissal Review

Constructive dismissal occurs when an employer makes fundamental changes to your employment contract or creates a hostile work environment that forces you to resign

Discrimination Review

Discrimination laws are complex. By consulting with a lawyer, you can gain a clear understanding of your rights as an employee and the specific protections afforded to you under relevant anti-discrimination laws.

Demand Letters

A demand letter is a formal, written request, demanding that the recipient provide compensation or else they will face legal action.


Litigation refers to the process of resolving disputes or legal conflicts through the court system. It involves the formal legal proceedings that take place when parties seek a judicial determination of their rights, obligations, or claims.

Contract Review

Having your employment contract reviewed is a prudent and responsible step to protect your rights and interests as an employee. Your employment contract should be reviewed before it is signed, otherwise you may not be able to request any future changes to your contract.

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