Our areas of expertise in employment law

We specialize in navigating all aspects of workplace law. Read the areas below to see if any of them apply to your situation. Not sure? Book a consultation with us and we’ll help clarify whether it does and then guide you from there.

Wrongful Dismissal

When an individual’s employment is terminated without cause and without reasonable notice.

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Constructive Dismissal

When an individual’s employment is terminated without cause and without reasonable notice.

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Workplace Discrimination

When an employee experiences discriminatory treatment based on factors such as race, gender, or disability.

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Severance Packages

When an employer offers payment and benefits upon termination while also requiring signature on a release.

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Workplace Harassment

Failure of an employer or a co-worker to treat an employee with civility, decency, and respect.

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Non-Compete Clauses

An employer’s attempt to protect the business and limit an employee’s ability to work with a competitor.

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Termination for Cause

When an employee is terminated without notice or pay in lieu due to an act of serious misconduct.

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What to expect

We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Many of our clients haven’t worked with an employment lawyer before, so we understand it can feel daunting. Here’s a glimpse of the first few steps so you know what to expect when you reach out to us.

  • Consultation: This gives us a chance to learn more about your specific situation and to give you a sense of who we are and how we might be able to help you. The consultation will be approximately one hour over the phone.

  • Information & Resources: Maybe all you need is a connection to more information. If that’s the case, we’ll refer you to our Knowledge Centre or send you additional resources that are relevant to your situation.

  • Services Recommendation: If we find that your situation requires legal services, we’ll outline what we’d recommend along with the next steps that we’d take together to begin moving forward.

  • Quote (if applicable): For certain services, we’ll provide you with flat-fee pricing quoted after our consultation. This gives you certainty in how much you’ll have to pay so there are no surprises.

Each case is unique, so the path will look different for clients beyond the services recommendation and quote. Whether your case requires communication or mediation with your employer, or it goes to trial or through an appeal, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you to the best possible outcome, one step at a time.

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If you’ve been struggling with a workplace issue, you’re in the right place and we’re here to help. Booking a consultation is the first step.