Severance Packages

When an employer offers payment and benefits upon termination while also requiring signature on a release.

Seeking Legal Advice Before Signing a Release

Imagine that you’ve just been terminated from your employment and your employer asks you to sign a severance agreement and a release. What should you…

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Employee considering a release

Can my employer fire me due to poor job performance?

One question we hear often is whether an employer can terminate employment solely for performance-related reasons. You may have this question after being placed on…

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Make sure you're irreplaceable

Is Common Law Reasonable Notice Equal To One Month Per Year Of Service?

We are frequently asked by employees about how much pay in lieu of notice they are entitled to. While employees’ statutory notice entitlements are clearly…

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The Impact Of A Fixed-Term Contract On Termination Of Employment

A recent Alberta Court of Appeal decision provides welcome guidance on fixed-term employment contracts. Fixed-term employment contracts can be challenging to interpret if they are…

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24 Month Labourer Severance

While the character of one’s employment and the extent to which an employee has high level or senior managerial responsibilities, is declining in importance in…

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